5 basic tips for those of you who want to exercise regularly

5 basic tips for those of you who want to exercise regularly

We all agree with the Latin adage “In a strong body there is a healthy soul” right? Therefore we are well aware that exercise is the main key for humans to maintain health and body strength.

But in practice, starting to change habits and a healthier lifestyle is not easy. Maintaining a consistency and exercise routine is actually an easy matter but there are many temptations and obstacles.

If you are currently starting to exercise regularly or are just starting out, you should know the following important tips as the main foundation for exercising. That way you will be more routine and make exercise a necessity and your lifestyle. Come on, see what it is!

Realize what your goal of exercise is and form a strong mindset

Everyone’s goals for exercising vary widely, but certainly not far from the desire to be healthy and want to lose weight or have an ideal body shape. Whatever the purpose, everything is fine.

But make sure you know yourself what your needs are and why you are exercising. If you can answer the “what and why” question from the bottom of your heart, this answer will form a strong determination and mindset to continue exercising regularly and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Avoid having a sporting goal that just follows the trend, because chances are that it won’t be strong enough to change your lifestyle. What you need to understand is that maintaining health and living a healthy lifestyle is a job for life. So you must have a strong mindset base for exercise as the main foundation.

Create an exercise schedule that fits your daily activities

In general, the reason people cannot exercise regularly is because they fail to form habits, and most often this is due to time that clashes with daily activities. Therefore, you must be able to create a proper schedule where you can really take the time to focus on exercising without being disturbed by other activities.

Ideally we should be able to exercise 3-4 days a week, but beginners don’t have to do it all at once. You can start making an exercise schedule just 2 days a week.

Even if just 30 minutes is fine, it’s a good place to start a new habit anyway. Start with small steps, then over time you will start to gain momentum.

Make targets that are realistic and easy to achieve, don’t burden you

We often think of sports as a punishment, so we often imagine how hard and painful exercising is. Yet exercising is a lifestyle as well as proof that our bodies have extraordinary strength and abilities.

So that you are not burdened with such things, apart from having a strong mindset as the main foundation, you also need to set realistic and easy-to-reach targets. It sounds cliché, but the adage “Little by little it becomes a hill” is true.

An easy example like this, if your goal is to lose 20 kg, make it easier to achieve by trying to achieve a weight loss of 4 kg first. When you start to be able to reach that small target, over time you will be more motivated and will increase your target again until you reach a total reduction of up to 20 kg. That way you won’t feel heavy, and every time you manage to achieve goals, you will be enthusiastic to continue exercising.

Starting from basic movements to strengthen muscles

Currently, there are more and more applications and videos on YouTube and TikTok that teach basic sports movements. Practicing these basic movements is very important for those of you who are beginners, because your muscles must be trained first so that the muscles get stronger and reduce the risk of muscle injury.

By mastering the right basic movements, after that you can do a lot of variation movements that are more and also heavier. Don’t rush into training using heavy equipment or weights if you haven’t strengthened your muscles by practicing basic movements, yes, because it can cause serious injury.

Do not forget to rest, avoid excessive exercise

Most people think that the more and often they exercise, the faster they will lose weight or form the ideal body. This is one of the wrong mindsets. Maybe you can lose weight, but also can get back into shape quickly too.

Your body and muscles also need rest. If your body is too tired, it’s not healthy but you can also get sick. Then you will lose your appetite for exercise and start getting lazy again to exercise.

At least at least you have to really rest 1 day a week without exercising at all. Practice following a regular schedule, because your goal is not only to lose weight but also to establish a healthy lifestyle.

Exercising is our way of celebrating what our bodies can do. It is not a punishment or a burden so we are reluctant to exercise. For a healthier lifestyle, exercising regularly is the best way. Hopefully the tips above can help you start one small, positive step in your life. Good luck!

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