5 Myths About Protein That Can Prevent Weight Loss

5 Myths About Protein That Can Prevent Weight Loss

When running a diet program, protein is the main food that must be available for consumption. Role in making the body feel full, protein is also good for people who want to build or increase muscle mass.

However, because the use of protein is so popular, especially for people who are running a weight loss program, a lot of misinformation is scattered around, aka myths.

Here are some myths related to protein that you should no longer be afraid to consume, especially when you are losing weight.

1. Protein shakes are very important to drink after exercise

Drinking protein shakes after exercise is not always necessary. If you eat protein-rich foods after exercise, you don’t need a protein shake to drink.

According to a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, protein intake can be obtained through meals and snacks that are consumed throughout the day.

Therefore, don’t rely solely on protein shakes to restore energy after exercise or when building muscle. Better to prioritize natural foods that contain protein, such as eggs, almonds, cheese, and so on.

2. Protein can only be obtained from animal foods

Some people think that protein can only be obtained from animal products, such as chicken, beef, and fish. In fact, the question often arises how people with a vegetarian diet can meet their protein needs.

In fact, animal foods are not the only source of protein. Protein can also be obtained from vegetable food sources such as tempeh, soy milk, and nuts.

By consuming these plant foods, vegetarians can still get protein even though they do not come from animals.

3. Eating protein can reduce weight automatically

Some people go on a high protein diet without paying attention to other nutrients needed by the body, in the hope that the ideal body weight can be achieved soon. Is that right?

Launched Insider, protein only provides a feeling of fullness longer because it is slowly digested by the body. However, consuming protein must be balanced with carbohydrates and fats to build muscle and maintain a balanced nutritional intake.

In addition, consuming protein must be in an ideal portion so as not to overdo it and cause weight gain. Even though you are on a high protein diet, the portion of your meal must be balanced because protein only makes the body full longer.

4. Too much protein causes osteoporosis

Launching Live Strong, this myth arises because of a theory that explains that protein causes the formation of acids that can destroy bone mass. However, this theory has been debunked, because protein can actually maintain density and slow down bone density.

Therefore, those of you who are on a diet don’t need to be afraid of consuming protein, huh.

5. Must consume complete protein so that it can be digested by the body

Launching Eating Well, complete protein is a food that contains nine amino acids that cannot be made by the body and can be obtained through food, such as eggs, milk, and soy.

Some people may think that it is necessary to consume a complete protein consisting of nine amino acids. In fact, some animal and plant foods already contain complete protein.

We don’t need to consume complete protein every day so that amino acids can be absorbed by the body by combining several foods that contain protein. This is because our own bodies already store a collection of amino acids needed by the body to package protein.

So, those are the myths about protein and an explanation of the facts. So, for those of you who are on a diet, don’t be afraid to eat protein, yes, because these nutrients are needed by the body.

So, those are the five facts that we may often hear about protein, especially for those of you who are running a diet program. Don’t be fooled by wrong information and consume protein according to the portion your body needs. In addition to protein, make sure other nutritional needs are fulfilled to be balanced.

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