7 Tips to Prevent Decrease in Memory at a Young Age so You Don’t Easily Forget

7 Tips to Prevent Decrease in Memory at a Young Age so You Don’t Easily Forget

Forgetting is a common thing for humans because of the large amounts of memory or information stored in the brain. So, what if you are young but have often forgotten? Don’t let it be.

Relax, a series of tips below can help you prevent memory decline and becoming forgetful. Read it to the end, okay!

1. Use sticky notes

When you realize that in recent times you forget easily, maybe you have experienced memory loss. For that, it’s best to start using sticky notes from now on.

Sticky notes are proven to be effective in helping you always remember important things. You can write it down, then paste it where it is easily seen. That way, every time you see it, you automatically remember what to do.

Usually sticky notes come with colored paper, which of course will make it easier for you to remember. Its bright and striking color will make your eyes fall on the note more often.

2. Write in special notes

So that you don’t experience memory loss, write important things in a special note, journal, planner, or use a smartphone application. In addition, by writing it down, you will indirectly remember what you have recorded.

Carry these notes with you and open them frequently. Don’t even write and then forget about it. Look back at what you noted there. Is there an appointment or is there a meeting or maybe other special notes.

3. Eat less sweet foods

A study entitled “Short-term exposure to a diet high in fat and sugar, or liquid sugar, selectively impairs hippocampal-dependent memory, with differential impacts on inflammation” in the journal Behavioral Brain Research in 2016 states that consumption of sweet foods high in sugar can actually lowering brain power.

For that, pay attention to diet. If you don’t want to experience memory loss at a young age, limit sweet foods. It can also prevent many chronic diseases, you know.

4. Exercise your memory with brain teasers

Another way that you can use so that you don’t become forgetful is to train your memory with brain-sharpening games. For example crossword puzzles, chess, puzzles, and many more.

Not only is it fun to play in your spare time, but games like this can improve your intelligence to train your memory. The more often the brain is trained, the less risk of experiencing decreased brain power.

5. Get enough sleep

Because it is a daily routine, but sleep is often underestimated. In fact, lack of sleep or poor sleep quality can affect our memory.

Researchers have proven this through a study entitled “Sleep duration in midlife and later life in relation to cognition” published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society in 2014. It says that someone who does not have enough sleep can experience memory loss. .

We are recommended to sleep for 7-8 hours every day. So, improve sleep quality from now on, yes.

6. Exercise regularly

According to a report entitled “Role of exercise on the brain” in the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation in 2016, it is said that there is a correlation between diligent exercise and memory abilities.

In the report, it is also stated that exercise has an important role in preventing us from brain disease. So, from now on, be diligent in exercising. Just walking for 30 minutes every day has a big impact, you know. It can also be cycling, jogging, swimming, aerobics, and many more.

7. Manage stress well

Whether we realize it or not, when we are stressed we tend to forget easily. According to a report entitled “The Effect of Psychological Stress on Forgetting” conducted by researchers from the University of Dhaka in 2018, it was said that when we are stressed, the cortisol hormone increases.

This hormone can ultimately reduce the performance of brain cells. When brain cells stop working, we tend to experience memory decline more easily. Hence, learn to manage stress well, yes.

Those were some tips to prevent memory loss since it’s easy so you don’t forget it easily. Easy, right? Before it gets worse, it’s also good to make changes to a healthier lifestyle so that the overall health of the brain and body is maintained. Do not forget!

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